Monday, August 22, 2011

The file is in translation!

We are moving along slow as it may be we are moving. My little girls file in in translation. I still have not heard any definite news but I am still prying that things will work out. Meanwhile I am creating a quilt for her. I am having so much fun putting this quilt together. I have no pattern to follow and no real clue on what I am doing but I must be doing something right because it is turning out sooooo cute. As I work on the quilt I imagine the day she will sleep under it. It helps me focus on prayers for her. Much love is being stitched into this quilt. I hope when it is finished I will be able to figure out how to put a picture of it on this blog. I am also starting to make a introduction scrap book about her new family. As I generally work very slowly when I craft I should start now. I am going to write a little on each page in English and then ask my sister in law if she would have her friend translate it into Mandarin Chinese for me.