Friday, December 21, 2012

Someone had a birthday.

Just a short note, Blossom turned 7 years old yesterday. My Nieces Lilly and Kylie and my nephew Bobby have been learning about the calendar and how it works. In October I sat down with them and together we entered every ones birthday on the calendar. Bobby had his 9th birthday in November and Kylie just had her 6th birthday at the beginning of December. They wanted to know what day Blossoms birthday fell on. So we entered that in on the calendar as well back in October. I was so touched by Bobby saying to me on Tuesday "2 days Blossoms birthday." I said your right but Blossom is still in China. I said do you want to have a party for Blossom? He said "party 2 days" You just have to love his new developing English skills. We do. So we had a little party on Blossoms behalf. Pics are not so hot as I used my phone but you get the idea.

Cute but simple little cake

A little help with the candles please. Look our dog Thumbellina
wants to get in on the action too.

I will take care of this for Blossom!!

Do these boots come in my size?

A party without presents? Not a chance. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Please Open Early

It is not Christmas yet but I received an early Christmas present! I was told not to wait and open it right away. Any guesses on what I may have received? Here is a hint it comes in an overnight envelope. (Bows and Christmas tag not included Hee Hee)

And Look what they sent me. My LOA!!!!!!

Isn't this the most beautiful present anyone can ask for under the tree?

How awesome is this?

So tonight, instead of baking Christmas cookies, wrapping presents, shopping or watching a Christmas movie  I will fill out the DS-230, I-864, initial a copy of my referral, sign an original care plan letter, send yet another set of copies of our passports, copy of most current 800A and 3 sets of I-800 forms (visa applications ). Oh, also 1 application for immigrant visa for Miss Blossom. Hmmmm...... Christmas festivities or paperwork? .......I think I would rather do all of the paperwork!

As I approach bringing Blossom home I have begun preparing more for her arrival. She will need some special things that most children coming home will not need. Of course after she officially becomes my daughter in the eyes of the law (she already is in my heart ) She will be fitted and given her own equipment that will be designed with her in mind but until then she will need to borrow. I stumbled onto a really cool website called ABLE CLOSET it offers pediatric medical equipment that a person can check out and borrow for 6 month intervals. It is great as it is in the Bay area and only 3 hours from my home. They only ask for a small donation and that you return the equipment in good condition. I found a great wheelchair that will be perfect for Blossom. My sister in law Diane who spent time with Blossom the summer picked it up for me and said it will work out great.

It has a shoulder harness that will keep her sitting up and not leaning off to the side along with a comfy head rest.

The seat is called a tilt in space and can recline Blossom back if she gets tired.

You can even turn the seat around so she can see her mama and bond even more! The entire seat will detach from the frame and the frame folds up just like a regular stroller. How cool is that?

This little guy is my nephews son Aiden. He is 3 years old and is the same height as Blossom but he is about 11 pounds heavier than Blossom. He fits great so I know Blossom will have some room to spare.

I also belong to a wonderful yahoo group that deals with special needs medical equipment that parents no longer need. Maybe their child has grown larger or it did not work for their child. Anyway you can post on it if you are looking for something and if people are not using it any longer you can pick up some great deals. Because Blossom can not sit on her own she will be very difficult to bath I found this wonderful bath chair on this yahoo group. 

The seat can be made into many different seating positions from a chair to laying completely flat and many other positions in between. We use something similar at my work and it is wonderful. 

Lastly, I again stumbled onto another web site of a grandma who makes special needs chairs. These can be attached to your kitchen chair or put onto the floor up against the couch. She even says they can fit into a basket at the grocery store. Not trying this out till Blossom is home Hee hee.

Attached to the dinning room chair. Blossom can join in in the family meals.

Here it is with the front portion down so I can put her in. It has two position belts and the head bolsters to keep her upright.

Al-righty then enough of all my treasures, who wants to see some videos? Hold it down a minute and take a look.

I received these videos from my agency the other day. Looks like Blossom is going through her daily stretching exercises. I am so happy that she receives these exercises two times per day. I am positive they have helped her be more flexible. The Lord has blessed this little girl in so many ways. Thank you Harmony House nannies for the awesome care you provide to these little children.

Awe isn't she just the sweetest? You go little lady and eat all your veggies.

Things are looking mighty fine around here. And who do I owe everything to? You guessed it Jesus. He continues to be there every step of the way. Thank you so much Lord you are amazing.

Merry Christmas and a big Happy Birthday to Jesus!