Friday, September 23, 2011

LOI paperwork almost complete!

     I  complete my physical on Friday 9-30-11. That will be my last piece of paperwork to turn in for my LOI to be complete! I am excited to be complete this piece of my of my journey along the Blossom trail. I wonder how long I must wait to receive PA? I hear some receive it in a matter of a few days to a week or so. This journey has already started out rough. It took 6 months to have her file complete and last week I learned that the home my daughter is staying in will be closing down. This is due to the Chinese government finding out that this home supports an underground ministry. I am very sad to think about my little girl being returned to her orphanage. Although she is 5 years old she is so small and unable to communicate that she needs attention. I have prayed and prayed that the Lord will soften the governments heart and allow the home to stay open. The Lord is so merciful and I know he is looking out for my daughter. I am praying that no matter what happens she will be comfortable both physically and emotionally.
      It wont be long now until I spill the beans  who my daughter is. I will be shouting from the roof tops!! Well, maybe not the rooftops because it's along way down. Hee Hee. I hope the next time I post it will have my daughters name in BIG letters across the top. And pictures to show everyone!! Please continue in prayer for this adoption.

Monday, September 5, 2011

I have my little girls file!!!

I am a little late, but as of Aug 30 my little girls file has finally been sent to the adoption agency!!!! PRAISE THE LORD! I am soooo excited. I have waited 6 very L  O  N  G months for her file to be re written and sent to the adoption agency. So I am at work Friday listening to a wheelchair repair man tell me about what the problem is with my clients chair  and my phone rings. I immediately recognize the number. I almost pass out.  I say hello in my most calm voice. My social worker begins to tell me that the file is complete and she will send it to me in my e-mail in about 5 mins. I'm moving all over like a little kid that needs a bathroom, my voice becomes much higher and I feel all the blood in my body rush to my face. I'm looking at the wheelchair repair man and I wondering if he thinks I am going to pee all over his workshop floor. I have a grin from ear to ear. I begin thinking, she said e-mail in 5 mins! And I have 5 1/2 hours left at work.  I finish my phone call, and the wheelchair repair man says "looks like someone got some good news". I give him a quick overview of what just happened and load up the wheelchair and head back to the office. So I begin driving my bus and I just bust out laughing. I am side splitting laughing. That kind of laugh that makes your face and side hurt. I also begin crying!! All at the same time! I am praising the Lord and thanking the Lord. What a ride. I get back to the office and I find my son Nathan. I tell him what just happened and he says lets use my cell phone. I look over the file and there are 3 new pictures attached as well!!!  What a great day. I can hardly wait until I get off work to tell my other children. One by one they get home from school and work, each one is excited and loves the pictures of their little sister.