Introducing Blossom

    Blossom's Chinese given name is Ling Xuming. Everyone knows her as Blossom. Her new name will become Annabelle Xuming Bean. However we love the name Blossom so much we are keeping it as her nick name because Blossom Bean is kind of a tongue twister.
     Blossom was left at the gates of a hospital on December 25- 2005. Her birth date is estimated to be Dec-20-2005.
      Blossom currently lives at Harmony House just outside of Beijing China. She has lived there most of her life.


   Blossom has severe C.P. and is unable to walk or speak. Some really great people pitched in and raised money to buy Blossom her first wheelchair. Now she is able to sit up at eye level and participate with the other children. She loves to go outside with the other children.

     Blossom charms everyone who comes in contact with her beautiful smile. She spends a lot of time winning peoples hearts.

      Blossom participates in physical therapy at Harmony House.

       People who have had the pleasure of meeting Blossom have said these things....

Blossom is very aware of what is going on around her.

Blossom is a sweet baby.

Blossom has a sweet smile.

Blossom likes to be held and read to.

Blossom is very beautiful.

Blossom is happy.

     Things Blossom loves.

Being read to.

Being held.

Going outside.

Watching the children play.

Blossom likes to babble when the nannies talk to her.


Blossom is a very special child and the Lord has given me the honor of raising her. He has placed Blossom at Harmony House were she receives a lot of love and great care is given by all of the nannies.


  1. Hello to Blossom's family! I was blessed to spend some time with Blossom last week! I sat with her, held her, talked to her, loved on her, laughed with her, and prayed over her. What a sweet little girl she is. I got a video (that I sent to Linda H. at Harmony Outreach and hope she sent on to you) of her while Linda was singing to her. I only wish I had gotten a video of her adorable belly laugh. I'm so happy she is coming home to a family that seems to know just how to care for her!!! I am glad your blog was passed on to me so I can follow along with her coming home. I did not personally get any photos (only the video) because I was too busy loving on her, but others in my group got some photos. Our group has all been given your blog, so I hope they'll send some photos on to you!

  2. Hello!
    I, along with Sarabeth, had the privilege of meeting your sweet daughter! Our group, prior to arriving in China, selected children to bring gifts from the States. Blossom is five days younger than my youngest daughter, Sadie Jane, so it was a lot of fun letting SJ help in picking out some fun things for her. We brought her a pillow pet, soft blanket and a tiara and princess jewelry set. She seemed to really love the tiara the most. She smiled and laughed when I put it on her! All of us marveled at her beautiful long hair braid. Sarabeth had an immediate connection with Blossom and it was wonderful seeing the two of them together singing and laughing. I also witnessed one of the nannies spending a lot of time working with Blossom and left with a feeling that she has been well cared for during her time at Harmony. However, I am so thankful for you blessing her with a forever family! I am sure she will bless you in so many ways! Lifting you and your family in prayer!