Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I love my Sister and Brother In Law!

I think I have mention this a few times that my sister in law Diane and her family are also adopting from China. Well that is where they are right now. They have already had gotcha day for their first little one Kylie and will have their second gotcha day next Monday Sept 3rd. So anyway Diane had always planed to go to Harmony House and visit with Blossom and the children but when she found out that our agency does not follow the typical plan that most agencies do and start your time in Beijing it threw a monkey wrench in her plans. Our agency starts your journey in your child's province. So with that being said Diane had to make a critical decision.  Does she fly straight into Chongqing and skip Harmony House all together or does she choose to pay extra $$$$$ to start her journey in Beijing. She desperately wanted to go to Harmony House but with the added expense of flights, hotel, private guild, car, etc for four people I think you understand where she was coming from. Oh, I forgot to mention that her stay in China is going to be 24 days to adopt two children. 24 days! Can you say $$$$? As I talked with her the days before she made her decision I told her I would understand if they were not able to go to Harmony House. My face and voice were confident but in my heart I was full of sadness. I did truly understand but secretly I was hoping she would go. You see, Diane is a Physical Therapist and I was looking forward to her giving Blossom a evaluation and she would also be able to give some ideas of exercises they could do with Blossom. I also had bought some hand splints for Blossom so she could avoid getting permanent contractures in her hands. But most of all I wanted Diane to hold my little girl and send some love her way from me. I wanted to hear all about Blossom from someone I know. Well the decision was made and I am happy to report that Diane decided that she was not going to miss Harmony House even though it cost a lot of  $$$$$$$$. You can read her story here

Here are some of the pictures she sent me.

This is Diane, Keith (DH), Nicolas (DS), and Lilly (DD adopted 5 years ago)

Aunt Diane and Blossom meet!

This one I love. Our running joke has been Diane had very few pics of her children throughout her process and I have been super blessed with pictures. As a waiting parent the thing you cling to is the hope of an updated photo of your little one. She never received updated photos until just before she got TA! Diane said to me jokingly one day  "I am going to visit Blossom and I am taking a picture of me giving her a kiss" It's all good cause without Diane listening to the Lord this picture would have never even been  a thought. She loves her Aunt Diane!

Hand / wrist brace to help control contratures. Size XXS and a little to big!

Her little leg. We will be working on this little foot contracture when she comes home.

Lilly meets her new cousin Blossom. I heard she did great. Nicholas is not in any of these pics because he was taking them. I heard he did great also.

Blossom meets Uncle Keith

So cute!

Don't worry Blossom he is a push over for the little girls. He is a big softy, but don't tell him I said so. Just ask your sister Erica. She was the original little girl who softened his heart and it hasn't been the same since.

Some little kiddos enjoying a snack

Medicine, blankets, bibs, and booster seat that was brought over for the kiddos at Harmony House.

So ya see I am blessed once again. And Diane was so happy she went to Harmony House and would have been sad had she not gone. Harmony House seems to make an impression in peoples hearts. I can not wait to go.

As I said earlier Diane had her first gotcha day on Monday 8-27 and her is a picture of my newly adopted Niece Kylie Gail Xiewen Holsworth age 5.

How beautiful is she? Wow! I hear she is doing amazingly well. Nicholas and Lilly are helping her fit right into the family. Next Monday I will have a newly adopted Nephew. I will pass on pics of him when that day comes.

So Diane and Keith thank you so very much for spending that extra $$$$$ and going to Harmony House to visit Blossom. I really think in her own way she understands and will love to see you again when she comes home.

May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed Psalm 20:4