Saturday, November 5, 2011

Meet the Johnson Family From Idaho

With their permission, I would like to introduce the Johnson family from Idaho.
Lisa (mom) Darren (dad) Hillary (oldest daughter) Mary (youngest daughter) Joe (son).
I was introduced to this beautiful family a couple of weeks ago. Lisa and her family have been praying about Blossom. One night Lisa had a dream about Blossom. Lisa said she rarely has dreams and to remember it was phenomenal. This is the dream she told me. Lisa clearly saw Blossom being greeted at the airport by an exuberant American family!! Lisa remembers the mom not being too tall, dishwater blond, light brown hair and I thought she was wearing glasses. Lisa remembers there being a tall man, kind of bald with dark thin hair and glasses and a mustache, not skinny, and I thought "WOW he kind of looks like a pastor I used to know" Lisa then woke up! Lisa said she didn't know if the man would be Blossoms father or not, he seemed like he was making sure all went well.
Later when the Johnson family was having their new home built (another blessing from God) she unpacked Hillary's ECO communication computer. Lisa began thinking what am I going to do with this computer and all the equipment that goes with it? It's new and and it would be wonderful for the right person! And Blossom came clearly to her mind. You see Hillary had been given a new eye gaze computer to use.
This is a picture of Hillary and the ECO communication computer.
Lisa began to plan on how to bring this ECO computer to Blossom in China but then heard Blossom had a forever family in process! So she thought it would be better to hold off and get it to her new family so they could learn to use it. I will defiantly need to learn how to use it. I have had experience using a communication computer with a client I worked with several years ago but he had been using it for years and I only had to put him in his wheelchair and turn it on. He did the rest.
The ECO is very high tech.It comes with a built in DVD player, mp3 player, a cell phone, and can be programed as a remote to control the T.V. or even turn the lights off and on!! Praise the Lord.
As I have said before many many people have said over and over again that Blossom seems to understand what is going on in her environment. She follows people with her eyes and watches the children play. She smiles and laughs at the nannies when they do something funny. She even babbles at people like she is really trying to let them know something. If you just sit back for a moment and imagine how frustrating it would be to say.... be wrapped up in a blanket only having your head and eyes to communicate, no speaking allowed. Now lets say you have a headache so you start to cry and someone comes to you and tries to console you. They say what's wrong? But you can only cry. What are the chances that that person is going to figure out that your head hurts just because you are crying? Yes, through much process of elimination they may at some point figure it out, but it is unlikely. I do this game over and over everyday in my job. And let me tell you it is extremely frustrating to know that someone is in pain, hungry, sad, wet, frustrated, tired (I could go on and on) and not be able to get it right, to help them feel better. Now just imagine someone puts a device right in front of you and you can use this device to tell people "I have a headache, please give me some tylenol and rest". Your needs are met right then and there.
I really can not tell you if Blossom will be able to use this device or not. She may not but what a blessing, a true miracle actually if you think about it to be given the opportunity to try!
I am soooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooo thankful to the Johnson family for listening to our Lord. Thank you to Hillary for being a fighter and letting people know, I am here, and if you let me I will show you who I am.
Thank you Father for this family being put into Blossoms life.

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