Saturday, November 24, 2012

I'm Thankful

I am sorry I have not posted in quite some time. I think if it could go wrong it did go wrong. First I was struck with a horrible cold virus that seized my entire body for 3 weeks. Two of those weeks I lost my voice and was left with this voice of some might say sounded kinda manly Hee Hee. Laughing now but not then. It was so bad if I wanted to order anything from the drive through I had my daughter order it for me. I wonder what they thought when they heard her little sweet voice in the box and then my manly voice at the window? My body ached, I coughed until my ribs hurt and I was pleading no no not again I was run down uggh I felt miserable.

Fortunately, I recovered from the virus of a lifetime. During this time I began watching my newly adopted niece Kylie 5 years old and nephew Bobby 9 years old who were adopted from China. Along with them I also watch their sister Lilly 7 years old who was adopted from China 5 years ago. Needless to say at this point I could spend an entire post on these children and the wonder of watching them begin to integrate into their new family and American life. Notes to families that are adopting older children from China, expect the child not to understand the reason we wear seat belts in America. My first day driving with Kylie and Bobby I was greeted with Bobby at my ear trying to tell me something. Scared the daylights out of me to say the least. Children my open car doors at will so child locks should be placed on before children discover the fact that they can open the door. Car washes are super fascinating and create much laughter. Soda means Diet Pepsi not Root Beer, Sprite, Orange, or any other brand of soda. It is possible to communicate with children using charades type movements and a lot of sound effects. No one greets you at the end of a school day quite as exuberant as these children. It is possible not to speak a language fluently or even understand exactly what is going on but  if you dress a child up in a costume and teach them that the phrase trick or treat somehow it sinks in .  Trying to explain homework to children in English is often hard enough try doing it with two children who just look at you and say "I don't know" . But these little guys are just awesome. I miss them tonight as they are meeting their Grandma and Grandpa down south in San Diego.

So on to the next order of delays. So being pretty non computer savoy I really don't venture out much past E-mail, FB, yahoo groups etc. If I am in doubt of something I call my kids and ask before I do so to speak. Well, one day my son Nathan said to me "mom you need to clean up your desk top" I said OK and went on with life. Then one day just sitting there this little cute sorta Goodyear Michelin / astronaut looking guy popped up saying he was the Mac Keeper. Now, I have seen this little guy many time before and just have not had time to bother with him so I just click ignore and go on with life. But that day I thought to myself this guy must be what Nathan is talking about. He is the one who is going to clean up my desk top. So I push the button to allow him to do so. He politely tells me he has scanned my files and if I just click one more button he will be happy to finish the task. Then that little voice in my head says maybe you should call Matthew and just make sure this is OK. One quick phone call tells me I have done something very bad. I downloaded one of the few virus a Mac can catch. So I took the computer in and had it cleaned but guess what this little not so cute anymore guy keeps coming back. So I have to take it in again. Luckily, I am using my sons Matthews computer to complete this post.

Then my daughter Erica who has been diligently saving her money to go to China, she has saved $4000.00 to go. She is now facing her own setbacks. Her car is in the shop needing $800.00 worth of work, she needs to pay for her books for next semester, and her glasses are wearing out. And she is now thinking she may not be able to go with me after all. This would be terrible if she were not able to go after all her hard work to go. Praying the Lord will bless her and allow her to come with me.

With all this you may be saying and why are you thankful? I am thankful that the Lord has been so faithful in my life. He has come through over and over again in this adoption. It is easy to just focus on the bad things in life and trust me I go there too. The Lord knew from the moment He put this plan into action and I jumped on board that things would get rough at times and my faith would be stretched over and over again. He has been faithful at each step to make sure everything is right where it should be when it is needed. So I am thankful to Jesus and all He does for me and my family. I had all of my kids together for this vacation, my health is great presently, I have been blessed once again with strangers listening to the Lord and providing more funds to bring Blossom home. He knew I would never be able to do this on my own. That is what is so super cool about this entire thing I can 100 % say this adoption is of the Lord as I am just along for the ride as I can not do it on my own. If I could only not get myself all in a fluster when things seem overwhelming. Jesus has this. He has my back and He is bringing Blossom home. So the other day I am going through my Bible and if your Bible looks like mine it has Sunday bulletins and notes and what not  stuffed here and there anyways I see this little scrap of paper sticking out of the pages and I flip to it and at some point in the past I read and underlined this verse and it was there just speaking to me again! Chronicles 28:20 Then David continued, "Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Don't be afraid or discouraged by the size of the task, for the Lord God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you. He will see to it that all the work related to the Temple of the Lord is finished correctly. I am thankful for this verse and it has given me once again a promise that Jesus will bring Blossom home.

So here is where I am at in the process. I am waiting for my LOA. On November 8th my dossier was completed in translation. My SW said I should received my LOA in 4 - 6 weeks! I am no longer at a place were I am frustrated this is taking for ever, it will never happen, whine whine whine. I am now at a place were I am like EXCITEMENT!!! I am so going to China soon and meeting my daughter Blossom and bringing her home to her family. I see it now, I thought I would never be at this point. I am nervous and have butterflies in my stomach. What will it be like to travel to another country that is so different? Will she like me? Will she cry? Will I cry? Dumb question. Will she go through the anxiety that other children do? Will I bring the right size clothes and diapers? Will she fit in the car seat I bring? How will I feed her puree food when I am there? On and on the questions go. Am I nesting right now? Is it really necessary to clean out all the closets in the house right now? Yeah, I am getting that new mommy syndrome going on here. I am so excited I am about to burst.

So as you can tell there have been no pics this go around. Boo hoo it is because I am using my sons computer and do not want to download all of that stuff to his computer. I will post some pics next time. Until then............

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