Friday, December 21, 2012

Someone had a birthday.

Just a short note, Blossom turned 7 years old yesterday. My Nieces Lilly and Kylie and my nephew Bobby have been learning about the calendar and how it works. In October I sat down with them and together we entered every ones birthday on the calendar. Bobby had his 9th birthday in November and Kylie just had her 6th birthday at the beginning of December. They wanted to know what day Blossoms birthday fell on. So we entered that in on the calendar as well back in October. I was so touched by Bobby saying to me on Tuesday "2 days Blossoms birthday." I said your right but Blossom is still in China. I said do you want to have a party for Blossom? He said "party 2 days" You just have to love his new developing English skills. We do. So we had a little party on Blossoms behalf. Pics are not so hot as I used my phone but you get the idea.

Cute but simple little cake

A little help with the candles please. Look our dog Thumbellina
wants to get in on the action too.

I will take care of this for Blossom!!

Do these boots come in my size?

A party without presents? Not a chance. 

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  1. Aw, dear Pam!!! Your sweet girl will never again celebrate another bday without you!!!!!