Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Paid In Full

Paid In Full. This statement brings many emotions to my mind. Jesus dying on a cross to pay for my sins is one major thought. To this day I can not take communion without crying. I can not sit through a reenactment of His death. I have no way of comprehending the full magnitude of Christ willingly walking to his death. Being ridiculed, stripped, spit upon, and beat on along the way to be nailed and hang until death for sin I would commit in my life time. For the sins you would commit in your lifetime. He did this willingly because He loves me. He loves you. He created each of us. He knew we would fail Him at times and yet He still loves us. This is so amazing to me. I am continuously thanking Him for His sacrifice. I know I would never spend eternity with Jesus if He had not PAID IN FULL for my sin. Thank you Lord. I love this song and can never get through it without crying and just being so thankful to Jesus. I remember singing this as a child in church. It has changed a little over the years but it is still just the most awesome song.

I know many of you already have a relationship with Jesus, but some of you may not know Jesus as your Savior  He is the one who PAID IT ALL for you. If you want to learn about who Jesus is let me know. I would love to talk and pray with you.

The term PAID IN FULL brought on another emotion to me  last Thursday. Blossoms adoption through many, many, many, many,  people who have listened to the Lord has been PAID IN FULL!!!!!!! I am just so , so , so grateful to all of you who have blessed this adoption. So many warriors have prayed and prayed until they had callus's on their knees asking the Lord to bring Blossom home. Jesus listened to every one's pleas including my own. And because of your prayers and people listening to the Lord I have all my fees paid. I am again amazed on how the Lord has perfect timing. Did I always think this way? Yes  No, I had many times where I would think and ask God "what are we doing here Lord?"  I have laid this adoption at the feet of Jesus and left it there  and taken it back so many times it borders on being ridiculous. I have had my faith tested and stretched and retested again. I have had joy and excitement through out this process that I have never felt in my life. I have had the most opportunity ever to share what the Lord is doing for my family. It has not been easy at all, but I would not trade it for anything. I am going to China and bringing Blossom home. The only thing now is just waiting for all the paperwork to go through the right channels and then off we go. Thank you Thank you Thank you a million times Thank you!!!!!!!

Blossom celebrated her 7th birthday in China and here are a couple pics and video of her special day. A big thank you to a friend who shared this day with Blossom. Thanks!!!

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