Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus

Happy Birthday Jesus. Our church held three services this weekend and boy was it a packed house in each service. Our church holds approximately 1200 give or take and each service (two Saturday and one Sunday) were pretty much full.  Do more people come out of respect, tradition, or  because they know deep down that there is a God and and he is the true savior of the world? Well, what ever the reason they came today, I am happy to see so many people there and pray that each on who left a Church today that did not know Jesus on the way in will have the opportunity to get to know him as their Lord and savior. I pray that they felt something in their heart that is so different that they want more of it. I pray that their minds would be open and that they would remember what was said through out the upcoming week and they may step back into church next Sunday. I pray that anyone who has strayed away that they know that Jesus still loves them and he has not left them and he is waiting for them to come back. Happy Birthday Jesus!

Our family had our Christmas celebration together and we are all praying it will be the last one without Blossom. Only 365 more days until we do it again and next time we will have Blossom with us. Although she was not with us physically she was here with us in our hearts. Here are some small gifts we opened on behalf of Blossom.
I wish you were here. Here is your first pillow pet!
Jessica bought you a coloring book and crayons.

Nathan opened up a pair of pink camouflage slippers.

Erica opened your frog slippers. You may have to wrestle with her on these as frogs are her thing!

And Matthew opened your Winnie The Pooh slippers.

Merry Christmas Blossom!

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