Sunday, December 11, 2011

OOPS!!!!!!!! I lost it all with the click of a button!

Such frustration! My sister in law Diane and I have has worked and worked on getting a fundraising site up and going. When we were ready to attach the site to my blog with the click of the button I accidentally deleted all of my pages at the top of my blog! Grown...... UGGG.......Sigh....... Grown......... Oh how my heart sank and I just hurt so deep with in my core. I just sat in shock staring at the screen. REALLY?  Hours and Hours spent plinking away at the keyboard gone in just one click? Yes, it's true they are gone somewhere out there in cyber space floating around. After telling my children, they were like "didn't you save them?" I looked back at them blinking my eyes and said "save them?"  "Oh you can do that?" Needless to say I am not so computer savvy.  So I will add the pages I once had and this time I will save them! Well, the good news is that we added the fundraising site tonight. Diane, my mother in law Gail, and I ( mostly those two) have put together some really great hats/scarfs. Please take a look and if so moved make a donation for one, two or several. Thanks everyone! The Lord hears his people when they call him for help. He rescues them from all their troubles. Psalms 34:17

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  1. Oh how frustrating Pam!!!! I am gonna go check it out now!!