Friday, March 16, 2012

Final Home Study Visit

It has been a while since I have updated the Blog. A lot has happened. I had my first home visit with my social worker in February and tomorrow I will have the second face to face visit. It took a while to get the second visit due to the social worker going on a vacation. It is alright though as I have procrastinated in getting the last few things done. Procrastinated is such a harsh word, it is more like I decided to tell life it needed to be put on hold while I spend the week cramming in information about China and how the whole thing is going to go with the adoption. When you start work at 6:15 a.m. Monday through Friday, pick up children after school, take everyone here and there, go to Bible study twice a week, try and keep a house running smoothly, put dinner on the table, take time  doing activities with the kids, look at e-mails, try and work on fund raising, you know us mothers, we can go on forever........................ Needless to say, I had to say  "children take the bus home from school,"  "sorry, if you have an activity you must call someone else to take you,"  "laundry, you sit right here and I will get back to you starting next weekend."  And dinner you ask? I just said those 3 magic words everyone loves to hear "LET'S EAT OUT! " I must tell you my brain was sent into over load towards the end of the week. Mind you I have adopted a child and had 3 bio children. When people say those comments like "your taking the easy way out"  I just want to laugh and say if you only knew the real story. Anyway, tonight I said "kids we are going out and relieve the stress of all this."
I took three of the kids roller skating. Unfortunately Erica had to work so she was not able to go. Everyone had a blast. Here are some pics.

Let's get started

Having fun watching

Ice cream is cold

Air hockey after roller skating

Hey, mama can have fun too

Had a great time. Time for a slurpee 

I know there are not any pictures of them actually skating, but they did skate. I took several short videos but I do not know how to upload them.  What a great time relaxing and laughing with the kids. I actually spoke with the manager and asked her, " can a person in a wheelchair go out onto the floor?" Guess what she said? "Yes, as long as someone is pushing the wheelchair." I hope Blossom enjoys skating, in her case the wheels are just a little larger. 

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