Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friends Forever even through cancer

This is not my typical Blog entry and for that I am grateful. I dedicate this Blog entry to a very important person in my life. My best friend Keri. Keri and I have been close friends for over 25 years. For the last 11 1/2 years we have lived only 5 houses away from each other. Keri is the friend you want in your corner. She will sit and listen to whatever you have on your heart. She is not judging. Keri came through every time I needed her when my husband Bob passed away. She is a second mom to my children and they love her very much. Keri is so excited about Blossom coming home and can not wait to meet her. Here are just some of the many qualities that anyone who knows Keri will agree with. Keri is: loving, caring, giving, compassionate, funny, kind, gentle, patient, helper, loyal, generous, honest, independent, happy, she is a wife, a mom, a grandma, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, child of God, she is my best friend.

When Keri was born the Dr. said she would never make it to the age of 5. She did and continues to prove them wrong. Keri was dealt the hand of partial paralysis on the left side, legal blindness, and hydrocephalus at birth. Did this stop her? Nope, Keri met the challenges of growing up with a disability but never blamed God. She never said poor me. She just did what needed to be done and moved on. Keri finished schooling and married her one true love Russell, who she affectingly calls hunna bunna. Keri has two wonderful children and a young grand-baby boy.

On March 19, 2012 we both sat waiting in the E.R. waiting room for test results that had been taken earlier. When the nurse called us into a small room at the  back of the E.R. Keri said" this isn't good news." As we sat for what seemed like forever but really was just a few minutes, the Dr. came in and broke the news to her and I that she had some type of advanced cancer in her abdomen, lymph nodes and chest. You could have sliced the air with a knife. The Dr. began telling us that she would be admitted into the hospital and they would run test to see exactly what we were dealing with. He then asked if we had any questions and we just stared at him. We asked a few and then he left and we sat and cried in the little room.

The pastor from their church immediately drove to get Russell who had been with Keri the entire day at the E.R. but had to leave to speak at a speaking engagement. Russell left the engagement immediately not finishing to be with Keri.

Through many days of testing  the results were in,  Stage 4 ovarian cancer. Most people would have just thrown in the towel and been so angry at God. But not Keri she is truly sad and questions why but she said to me "you know,  I am not mad at God, I'm not really." What? Are you serious? I just looked at her in amazement. She continues to shock me even to this day.

This is my friend Keri

Here are a few snap shots of the last week. Learning to deal with the new normal.

Keri and her hunna bunna Russell

Hospital food yuck!

This is my niece Lilly who Keri has watched since she was 2 years old. Yep that is Blossoms cousin.

Back home now, this is what Keri thinks of what is going on

But together as a team we can handle it

Both of them together can handle it

These are pictures of the women at my church. This is the Tuesday night Bible study praying for Keri after learning about the cancer. Keri attends the Bible study with me and brings homemade brownies every Tuesday.

So on to the next item. If your a 15 year old kid who has had their life ripped apart by cancer in the form of loosing their daddy, effecting one aunt, both grandparents and now Keri their 2nd mom who makes them cookies when their 1st mom is to busy, what do you do to make a difference?

Of course you give away something that everyone takes for granite but cherishes everyday.

This is my daughter Jessica


point of no return

13 inches!!!!!


Somewhere out there, there is a little girl who is going to feel like a princess again. Right here there is a 15 year old princess and a very proud mom.

So there it is, two very special people in my life. One who is going to be going through the battle of a lifetime and continues to stay strong in the Lord. An another special person who continues to amaze me by allowing another child who is fighting the battle of their life time to feel beautiful again. Thank you Lord for these special women I love them both.

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