Sunday, March 18, 2012

Photos Can Make A Difference

Has anyone ever had their photo taken and thought, that's a nice picture? Or the opposite have you ever thought, hmm what was I thinking? Retake please!!! 

Some times you can take just one picture and PERFECT! It tells the whole story about what is going on or how the person feels. 

This is a picture of my social worker Jill and I after we finished our last home visit interview. 

I think it is saying yeah you are on your way!! I am so happy for you! We both defiantly look happy.

Then there is the other side of the coin. The dreaded passport photos. 

I think these are  saying, really? If I were looking for me, I would not look for the lady in the passport. I don't spend time looking so downcast without a smile. When did I get  gracefully older and what about the glasses?  The gentleman at CVS said "sorry ma'am no smiling and you can not wear your glasses."

Well that made me laugh so hard I had to turn it into a mug shot listing.

Here are some pictures that say it all. I received these a little while back and have spent time enjoying them. I am not sure on the ages of Blossom but you can kinda get the idea when they took place.

Look at that short hair!

So tiny!

I love this picture. You just want to squeeze those cheeks!!

So Happy!


Almost every picture I have ever seen Blossom in she is smiling. I think Blossoms face tells it all. She is loved, cared for, and is truly a happy little girl.  I long for the day that she will look at me and flash me that same smile. I wonder if she will smile in her passport photo?

A precious little girl
The Lord has freely given
Truly a special gift
Sent down from heaven
For she is God's blessing 
Wrapped in his grace
With the beauty of the Lord
Reflected in her face

By M.S. Lowndes

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  1. Yep, she is a smiley girl!!! From what I "know" of you sweet Pam, she will fit right in!!!!