Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's Here !!

I received my ASC Appointment Notice in the mail today!!!!  Our appointment to have our biometrics (fingerprints) taken for immigration came today saying our appointment isn't set until July 17th. Boo Hoo, that is 24 days from now. I will be doing a walk-in on July 5th, to see if we can speed this up a little. I have been in constant prayer that the Lord will get me to China before Blossoms 7th birthday. If I shave off even one day to help speed this up I am going for it. I would go sooner but my son Matthew just boarded a cruise ship bound for Alaska today with his Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle and will not return until July 3rd. I have heard through the yahoo groups that some people have been successful and others not so successful. I will pray that we will be one of the lucky ones.

So while I wait I will leave you with a few more pictures of Blossom.

I would also like to take this time to introduce my sister in law Diane and her husband Keith and children still living in the home Aaron, Nicolas, and Lilly. Diane will be traveling very very soon to China to bring home Bobby and Kylie. I am so excited for them and every time I think about it I wiggle and giggle inside. You can visit their Blog up top called Holsworth Haven. Click on the tab and you will go to her Blog. Here are a couple of pictures of their family and their little ones waiting for them in China.


Kylie 5th birthday 12/2011 last one without her forever family!

Robert (Bobby) 8 years old now. Named after my husband Bob. Diane's brother.

So it has been a great start to the weekend. Tomorrow I will sew all day. Every last one of my children will be out of the house for the entire day and I will have the place to myself! Ahh!

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